EdTech is an exciting and busy space – so what do we have to add?

Whatever your approach to education and technology, the chances are that the way your online learning will be delivered will include a lot of video.

Vensight Learn is a learning company that understands video. We understand how to use video not only to engage but to educate – and we understand how this fits in within the broader learning design.

There are lots of great courses out there, lots of great platforms and technologies, but it is often let down by poor quality video that doesn’t fit within the broader learning design. It’s the final mile problem for a lot of online learning.

That’s where we come in – a company that provides the joined-up thinking between learning and video.

That’s the Vensight approach: overlapping insights – video and learning design. Everyone who makes videos in our team understands education – and anyone who works in our learning design team understands video. 

And this all fits within a broader set of brands that share our mission: amplify ideas, challenge perspectives, empower people.

If you need support with learning design and educational video – do get in touch.