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German Development Agency and International Institute for Sustainable Development

Ecosystem-based Adaptation


To create an 8-part course on climate change adaptation for government and NGO workers in the Global South.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation is the use of the ecosystems to adapt to climate change – examples include planting trees to prevent coastal erosion and placing more green spaces in cities to reduce the temperature and improve air quality. This course takes these simple ideas and provides a thorough step-by-step course for how to conceive and delivery such projects on a large scale in the Global South.


We have worked collaboratively to design and produce the course along with the three international course partners – the German government (GIZ), The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD – based in Canada) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

We took the existing course outline, teaching materials and scripts and converted these to a format that would work for self-paced online learning. 

We produced all video content, recording lectures and conducting interviews across several continents. The Zoom footage was improved using archive footage, text and graphics to convey key ideas. The course is delivered in English and we have also produced an entirely Spanish version.

The team also advised on best practice for hosting and delivering the course alongside a tutor to ensure feedback and active learning. 


The course is set to launch in autumn 2022. Since joining the project, the budget and scope has increased to meet the goals of the course leaders, with our team supporting this growth and becoming a partner in the process. 

“Vensight have been extremely helpful in providing expertise and thereby guiding the planning and implementation of the course production, and very clear in communication, so that needs and deadlines could jointly be developed and responded to. The Steering Committee managing the course development has clearly benefited from the expertise and experience Econ has brought to this collaboration.”

Luise-Katharina Richter | Project Lead, Mainstreaming EbA, GIZ


Learning Design, Course Production, Project Management, Advisory on Hosting and Delivery

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